Mully & Haugh: Ryan Pace & Matt Nagy are coming back, Pick 6, Brad Biggs interview (Hour 1)

Mully & Haugh Show
Wednesday, January 13th
Mike Mulligan and David Haugh opened their show by reacting to the news that the Bears are expected to retain general manager Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy for the 2021 season, while defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano will retire. The guys then conducted the Pick 6 segment, debating questions surrounding the top sports stories of the day. Topics included whether Pagano was forced out by the Bears, if the return of Pace and Nagy means 2021 is a win-big-or-else season or a developmental phase, what their main question would be for chairman George McCaskey and more. Later, Brad Biggs joined the show to discuss the latest Bears news and what the return of Pace and Nagy means for the organization moving forward.