Purdue's Jeff Brohm Details Plan For Spring Football

Brohm put together a concept for college football to begin in February.

Laurence Holmes Show
August 14, 2020 - 2:22 pm

(670 The Score) When the Big Ten presidents voted earlier this week to postpone all fall sports, including football, Purdue coach Jeff Brohm was devastated.

Brohm was hopeful the Big Ten would at the least postpone the start of the football season in the fall in order to buy more time. Instead, the conference called off all fall sports and offered the hope of football being played in the spring. 

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Disappointed, Brohm set off to create his own plan for college football to be played in the spring.

"I was crushed like everyone," Brohm said on the Laurence Holmes Show on Friday. "Very disappointed. Our players were disappointed. It was not a fun day to be a part of. You were hopeful that worst case, they would push the season back a little bit, buy us more time to get answers. But unfortunately that didn't happen. As much as we want to play, I just have to trust that the medical experts, the Big Ten medical task force and the commissioner and presidents had all the right information and hopefully they're doing the right thing.

"Instead of complaining about this decision that happened, I just said let me figure out a way to find a way for these guys to play football. And in my head for a long time, I thought we should have a spring plan as a backup plan, a last-resort backup plan, ready to go just in case. I think it's good to have answers ready when problems arise, and I didn't feel like we had one ready in the Big Ten at the current time.

"I just decided to put some thoughts down myself, put it together and see if it could help."

Brohm created a nine-page document, which was first sent to Sports Illustrated, that outlined his plan. The concept calls for a two-week buildup beginning Jan. 16, a four-week training camp starting Jan. 30 and kickoff to an eight-game season on Feb. 27. The season would end April 17, and a six-team playoff would start May 1.

The calendar Brohm designed then sets up a 10-game fall season in 2021, with training camp starting Sept. 4 and the first game on Oct. 2. 

Brohm's plan factors in countless details, including health and safety protocols -- both related to the coronavirus in addition to injuries -- plus padded practice analysis and even weather in each Big Ten city compared between November and March.

One item Brohm also considered would be the excitement for college football season in March overlapping with the college basketball season on its usual schedule, creating unique buzz around both sports.

"These are just my thoughts, my initial thoughts, from some frustration right when it happened," Brohm said. "I'm willing to work with anyone to help develop a plan.

"It could be a huge hit in whatever format we adopt, as long as we're trying to make this work."